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To provide support and relief for job workers in the supply chain during lockdown periods in India during COVID, Marsil partnered with Sujata Bajaj, to create embroidered works out of her art for sale. Sujata Bajaj is a very prominent Indian born artist, based in Paris. The proceeds of sales helped to support workers and their families in difficult times during lock down periods.


My relationship with the Lalwani family goes back decades. Mona and her daughters are all avid collectors of my art works.  As our relationship developed over the years, I became familiar with their inspirational embroideries and creative line of work. It gave me great joy that a family so closely affiliated with art and fashion enjoyed and appreciated my artistic journey.  It has been a wonderful relationship with a deep connection that has developed meaningfully from clients to collaborators. 

In 2020 Marsil envisioned this project to support their Karigars at the start of the Covid pandemic. As an Indian-born artist, my roots and inspiration have always been deeply embedded in India, the cause immediately resonated and I am so proud of this collaboration. The series entitled “Vishvakarta“ was a limited edition series of 25 embroidered works with a beautiful and unique balance of colors and texture. It encompasses the essence of both French and Indian art in its composition, a reflection of my life and cultural influences. The money raised helped many karigars and their families tide through difficult times during the pandemic and I am proud to have been part of this project that well served the community in my beloved India, my motherland.

- Sujata Bajaj

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