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At Marsil, we are a zero waste facility. We make continuous efforts towards recycling fabric scraps from our tailoring and embroidery departments. We partner with local suppliers to convert the scraps into yarn to create blankets for our workers and reusable tote bags. Cushions are made from recycled fabrics and are provided to all our beaders to sit on whilst working. Supporting our artisans is one of our key commitments. 


At Marsil, we segregate all waste including paper and plastic bi-weekly to donate to NGOs. All the paper waste is recycled into corrugated paper boxes for commercial use and our plastic waste serves the community by being recycled into benches for use in public spaces.


We pledge to support the fashion industry to reduce its carbon footprint and promote positive climate action. 


At Marsil, we are conscious of water conservation at our factories and offices. We make continuous efforts to educate and encourage our employees to promote water efficiency and reduce wastage. Cultivating a zero waste mindset in our community of employees is one of our goals.


The current generation has pledged responsibility to sustainability and ethical working conditions.

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